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Quinn Broom Works, Inc. was founded in  1925 and employs 15 people in its Greenup, IL facility. After three generations the company is still family owned and operated. Quinn Broom Works, Inc. has production in all types of wound corn brooms, a stamp press for the Kitchenette Broom, a Dal Maschio Nailer, along with a Baltimore PX Plastic Machine. Currently the average daily production exceeds 100 dozen brooms, that are made with the same workmanship and integrity that has driven  Quinn Brooms Works, Inc. for over 85 plus years.

As of December 5th, 2002, Quinn Broom Works, Inc. has acquired newly developed quality standards for brooms through ASTM International for all our manufactured products. Under the PS 135 standard (Standard Provisional Specification for Labeling for Upright Brooms for Consumer and Institutional Use), brooms must be classified and labeled according to material content in one of three categories:
    A.  100% Broomcorn - Only contains broomcorn fiber.
    B.  Natural Fiber - Containing natural fiber and broomcorn with less than 100% broomcorn fiber content.
    C.  Substitute Fiber - Containing any combination of natural and filler fiber with no broomcorn fiber.
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